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      Noorderkerk Details

      Noorderkerk, or North Church, is located in the northern part of Jordaan in Amsterdam. The elegant gothic church, built between 1620 and 1623, stands towering over the surrounding houses. The North Church was designed (by Hendrick de Keyser) and uniquely built in the shape of a Greek cross with the pulpit in the center. After the death of Noorderkerk's original architect, another architect and builder, Hendrick Staets, had four triangular houses built in the angles of the cross to reduce the amount of space that would be unused. The original intent of this stunning church was to be a place of worship for the poor Calvinist faithful of Jordaan.

      There is a plaque on the front of the church that pays its respect to the 1941 protest of the Nazi deportation of the city's Jewish community. Although much of the surrounding town has modernized and grown since the construction of Noorderkerk, the church remains true to its original form. Although many years have passed, the Protestant church is still in use. Like many of the historical buildings in Amsterdam, the Noorderkerk is a sight to behold. Every Saturday from May to September, a classical music recital takes place in the church.

      Address: Noordermarkt 48, 1015 NA Amsterdam, Netherlands