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      Noordermarkt biological market Details

      Located in Amsterdams Jordaan area is the Noordermarkt biological market. This Farmers market, a real must visit for both locals and tourists, offers a wide range of organic produced cheese, fresh fish and bread, meat, herbs, fruits, vegetables and flowers. One of the Noordermarkts eye catchers is the great selection of mushrooms.

      The Noordermarkt biological market has a great location in the heart of the Jordaan area, close to other markets and also a stones throw away from the Anne Frank House. You can stroll down to Amsterdams canal area and even further, to Amsterdam city center.

      Address: Noordermarkt, 1015 MV Amsterdam, The Netherlands

      Open hours: 9:00 am - 3:00 pm

      Phone: +31 20 552 4074