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      Olympic Stadium Details

      The Olympic Stadium in Amsterdam was build for the summer Olympic games which were hosted by the Netherlands in the year of 1928. It was the main stadium and at that time it could hold over 31000 people. After rival stadium The Kuip in Rotterdam was completed, Amsterdam decided to build a second ring on top of the Olympic Stadium increasing the capacity to 64000 people. After the Olympic games the stadium was regularly in use for big sports events. It was also the place where local soccer club Ajax played its biggest matches when spectator expectations exceeded their standard stadiums De Meer's capacity. Ajax played in the Olympic Stadium until 1996 when their present stadium Amsterdam Arena was completed.

      In 1987 plans were made to demolish the Olympic Stadium but it was saved. Instead it was decided to bring it back to its original construction of 1928. The top ring was removed and everything was brought back to the original track and field setup. At the moment the Olympic Stadium is a national monument and is a big tourist attraction. The Olympic Stadium is easy reachable with public transport you can take the train or metro and get off at station Amstelveenseweg. Even closer will be with the tram line 16 and 24 from Central Station.

      Address: Olympisch Stadion 21, 1076 DE Amsterdam, Netherlands

      Founded: 1928

      Phone: +31 20 305 4400

      Architect: Jan Wils

      Province: North Holland