Hotels in Westergasfabriek

      Westergasfabriek Details

      Situated on the edge of the city, Westergasfabriek Amsterdam was once the home of a gasworks area. Today, this former manufacturing spot has been transformed into spaces that may be used to promote and express creativity by the people in and around Amsterdam. The best way to describe Westergasfabriek Amsterdam is to call it a kind of an entertainment complex. There are venues for eating and drinking, from soup and nuts to coffee or wine.

      There is a lot of action at the Westergasfabriek Amsterdam. Venues where meals were enjoyed a few hours previous may turn into a spot for dancing and live music. If cultural entertainment appeals to you, then you can browse an art gallery, enjoy the textures and colors of an International Fabric Week, or take in a concert or two. Summer and fall festivals are popular with visitors from everywhere around the world.

      Address: Polonceaukade 27, 1014 DA Amsterdam

      Phone: +31 020 586 0710

      Open Hours: 9:00 am 6:30 pm

      Province: North Holland