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Planning a vacation or business trip to De Cocksdorp De Cocksdorp is a small town located in the municipality of Texel. Texel is in the province of North Holland in the Netherlands. It is the biggest all natural barrier between the Wadden and North Sea. Sand dunes and a natural beach are a big drawing card for both the locals and visitors alike. Those who come to De Cocksdorp for a vacation or business trip will very much enjoy what the town has to offer. Swimming, boating, skiing, and other water sports play a large role in the recreation advantages available in De Cocksdorp.In the town center, you will find a restaurant devoted to snacks, one that is a buffet specialty, and another that is a wonderful cafe with a terrace. The renovated shops in this area are a haven for shoppers. De Cocksdorp has something to do that will occupy every member of the family. It's a good idea to check into booking your De Cocksdorp hotel ahead of time, as this area is a very popular vacation retreat. Hotels in De Cocksdorp are relatively new, and have all the amenities anyone would need. is able to help travelers find a hotel that is right for them. Book ahead so you will have no worries about finding a hotel.