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Den Helder is known as the sunniest city in the Netherlands. The country's main naval base is stationed there because of its location on the northernmost peninsula in the country. The town itself used to be an integral part of the Dutch shipping industry but now attracts tourists because of its mild weather and pleasant surroundings. This is a charming area of North Holland and there are cheap hotels in Den Helder that are easily found and booked using Visitors should definitely see the Lange Jaap lighthouse. It still holds the record for being the tallest cast iron lighthouse in all of Europe and it was built in 1877.The Great North Holland Canal is also a sight to see. It was built in the 1820's and spans all the way from the capital city of Amsterdam all the way to the town of Den Helder. It is known for its floating bridges that span across the water. Today the canal is used for people that enjoy boating and canoeing. One of the most interesting places in the area is Fort Kijkduin. Originally built as a fortress in 1811, it has undergone major renovations and is now a museum and an aquarium with numerous exhibits and underground passageways. Visitors can often find budget hotels in Den Helder near the museum and spend hours walking through it and soaking up history!