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The town of Uithoorn is a rural community that is home to more than 25,000 inhabitants. Uithoorn is known for its military installations erected decades ago. The Fort aan de Drecht is the most popular among the installations. It was built in the early decades of the 21st century together with another military installation, the Fort De Kwakel. Even before it was recognized by UNESCO as a national heritage, it was already a well known tourist spot, visited by a great number of tourists every weekend. Uithoorn is also home of Thamerkerk. This structure was built in 1834 and it houses artworks of popular painters in the Netherlands. In, you can find the best Uithoorn hotels. Most of the Uithoorn cheap hotels provide accommodation close to the key areas of the town. In almost all discount hotels, Uithoorn has tour guides to give you a more comprehensive tour of the town. The hotels in Uithoorn can also provide you with transportation if you want to go to Amsterdam.