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The city of Volendam is located in the North Holland province of the Netherlands, and is a part of Edam-Volendam. It is very popular with tourists, who come here to admire the old fishing boats. Some of the folks who live in Volendam continue to wear the Dutch traditional costumes of their ancestors. For women, this means a high, pointed bonnet, among other clothing of course. Volendam has a little museum that explains the history of the city and their choice of clothing styles. Visitors can have their photos made here while wearing Dutch costume if they so desire. There are cheap hotels in Volendam that will make you almost sorry to go home again.Volendam visitors enjoy walking or bicycle riding along the dike, where they have a great view of the IJsselmeer at every step. Bird watching is popular here as well. Visiting the Volendam Museum and observing the Fish Auction are two almost mandatory tasks for the visitors to Volendam. The budget hotels in Volendam can offer their guests a truly pleasant accommodation.