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The Netherlands is a country in Europe, and home to some fascinating tourist sites. One of the best sites is Hengelo because it has some interesting history to it, although much of it has been tragically lost. This is because it was heavily damaged during World War II by the Allies, who were trying to counteract the presence of railways and war industry activities in the factories. As a result, much of Hengelo was rebuilt modern following the war. It is now an industrial town focusing on electrical engineering and textiles, and historically known for its linen weaving. When you leave discount hotels in Hengelo, a walk around town gives you a glimpse into an enduring society.If you are interested in a fun place to visit after your arrival in Hengelo, consider visiting the Roman Basilica, which was built in 1890. Roman basilicas are wondrous examples of architecture and art. Many basilicas have been built throughout Europe, and the one at Hengelo is a prime example of the elaborate architecture. It was dedicated to Saint Landebertus, a bishop of the 7th century who has an interesting history of his own. You can make a reservation at one of the discount hotels in Hengelo near the basilica.