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Steenwijk Details

Steenwijk is actually the largest village located in the municipality of Steenwijkerland. However, visitors should not expect a big city atmosphere, because the population is less than 20,000. A villa called Ramswoerthe was built in 1899 and the building along with the grounds surrounding it are open to the public for tours. Discount hotels in Steenwijk near the railway station can be found and are very convenient for travelers. Just outside of the towns border is the De Weerribben National Park. It is filled with bogs, swamplands and meadows along with can find budget hotels in Steenwijk so that travelers can enjoy another nature park in the area called De Wieden. Visitors can enjoy a number of activities at De Wieden including windsurfing and sailing on the lakes. One of the more popular activities in Steenwijk is shopping. There are numerous shops that sell all kinds of goods. Another notable sight is the imposing St. Clement tower, which is 86 meters tall. The town itself is very accessible because it sits directly on the A32 motorway.