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    South Holland is widely recognized as being a region of high cultural value and progressive thinking, representing the best of the Netherlands. It's easy to see why this is the case due to cities such as Leiden. Leiden is an urban area with a fairly large population of around 118,000 residents. It contains numerous features for entertainment, dining, shopping, and recreation. There are also several hotels in Leiden that maintain quality standards while remaining affordable.

    A particularly interesting building in Leiden is the Morspoort, which functioned as the city's west gate in the past. Hooglandse kerk is another great place that serves as an example of outstanding architecture. There's also the Pieterskerk and Bibliotheca Thysiana -- excellent and exciting tourism material. If getting the most out of your vacation means saving money, then you'd do great to stay at one of the discount Leiden hotels. lets you reserve online with one, saving you your cash, and your time and energy.