Hotels in Naaldwijk

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Naaldwijk Details

The city of Naaldwijk, Netherlands is a Dutch province of South Holland. Naaldwijk is part of the Westland municipality, which is about 10 kilometers from The Hague. The city is within the central portion of the municipality. The city is of particular importance due to its greenhouse horticulture industry. It is one of the largest producers of flowers around the world. With a population of over 15,000 people, the city is a moderately sized one for the region. Other cities that are part of the Westland municipality include Monster, Wateringen and De Lier. You will find cheap hotels in Naaldwijk, Netherlands readily available.Much of the city is residential. However, there are shopping and entertainment districts. The city center features older buildings with typical Dutch architecture. Old churches in the center of town are open for service and touring. If you are planning a visit, plan to stay at any of the discount hotels in Naaldwijk, Netherlands.