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    The city of Rotterdam used to be a small fishing village during the 13th century. Because of its strategic location, it slowly became a highly industrialized city. Today, Rotterdam is the second biggest city in Netherlands, only next to Amsterdam. In this city, you will find Europes most interesting architecture since it is the home of the Nederlands Architectuurinstituut or the Netherlands Architecture Institute. The school itself is an impressive architecture that attracts tourists every weekend. Rotterdam also has another impressive structure called the Euromast. This 600 foot tower can give you a birds eye view of Rotterdam. But its not all modern architecture. The Museum Het Schielandshuis is a 17th century structure that was converted into a museum. Inside, youll see impressive collections of art as well as documents relating to Dutch history. The hotels in Rotterdam also mimic the structural beauty of the city. Even in its discount hotels, Rotterdam is greatly represented by their impressive designs. You can see their designs in most online reservations on offer at For budget travelers in Rotterdam, cheap hotels are usually found a little bit outside the city center. Although a little bit far, these Rotterdam hotels provide the same service at a lesser price.