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      De Doelen Details

      De Doelen was originally opened in 1934, but got destroyed in the bombing of Rotterdam in 1940 during World War 2. It was rebuilt in 1960, with two separate concert halls added in the 1990's to allow for greater use. De Doelen offers a great range of concerts for those that enjoy music of all genres.Currently, the De Doelen has three separate concert halls; a large hall that holds up to 2,200 people and two smaller 700 seat venues. While primarily used for classical music performances and the performances of the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra, now hosts jazz festivals and international music performances. It is also the site of the central box office of the Rotterdam International Film Festival, making it a true cultural center for this city.

      Address: Schouwburgplein 50, 3012 CL Rotterdam, Netherlands

      Opened: 1966

      Phone: +31 10 217 1717

      Province: South Holland