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      Groothandelsgebouw Details

      Business travelers to Groothandelsgebouw in Rotterdam will appreciate the close proximity to both the Central Station as well as this huge office complex. Construction first started on the building in 1949, and it is now home to literally hundreds of offices, as well as dining areas and a major conference center. The large office complex has attracted retail outlets, entertainment and dining areas all within a very short distance.The Groothandelsgebouw has the distinction of being the first major building constructed after the Second World War. It has been upgraded but not structurally changed since its construction, and is 10 stories tall and covers a total floor area of 127,000 square meters. It was very recently nominated to become one of the new Rijksmonuments or national monuments that pay tribute to the architecture of the country.

      Address: Stationsplein 45, 3013 AK Rotterdam, Netherlands


      Phone: +31 10 240 3434

      Architects: Hugh Maaskant, Willem van Tijen

      Province: South Holland