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      For travelers that want a bit of history, the Memorial Stone Hendrik Spiekman will certainly provide a taste of the past. Hendrik Spiekman lived from 1874 to 1917, and was to become both the co-founder of the SDAP (Social Democratic Workers Party) as well as the labor movement's major organizer before succumbing to leukemia.During his short life, Mr. Spiekman held jobs as a journalist as well as working with the men struggling in the ports and on the massive ships that brought materials into and out of Rotterdam. He was a ferocious advocate for the working man, and strove tirelessly to ensure fair labor practices. Upon his death in 1917, a funeral parade was held that brought over 7000 workers to pay their respects. In 1923 the original monument was designed, and it was then placed in the Spangen district of Rotterdam. In 1981, the monument was redesigned using the original brass plaque, and it was then moved to Hooft Square.

      Address: Mathenesserdijk 107A, 3027 BE Rotterdam, Netherlands