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      New Luxor Theatre Details

      The Luxor Theater dates from 1917. In the early 20th century if you wanted to view a musical, you went to the Luxor, and the theater was a popular place among the local citizens. It gained status after WW II, because the Luxor survived the bombings that struck the city; many other buildings did not. Unfortunately, the building soon became too small as Rotterdam had grown and had a larger population making demands. The result was a competition to incorporate the old into a new structure.Balles and Wilson won the competition, and between 1996 and 2000 they oversaw the construction. It emerged as a modern building, and brilliant reds prevail in the external color scheme of a round facade. This contrasts with the small square entrance. It can sit 1,500, and is now one of the largest theaters in the Netherlands. Today, it still hosts many major stage musicals, and some performances are in English.

      Address: Posthumalaan 1, 3072 AG Rotterdam, The Netherlands

      Phone: +31 484 33 33