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    Ziest is a medium sized town which is part of the province of Utrecht. When people talk about going to this town in a weekend, Ziest is mainly visited because of Slot Ziest. This protected structure was built during the 18th century. The building was supposed to be a temporary home of a Dutch noble during those times. Until today, the place is kept as it is. The castle is now used as a place for conferences, meetings and concerts. Aside from this the castle, the Ziest Town Hall is also worth the visit. This modern structure was build at the begging of the 21st century. Guided tours for the town hall are always available. There are many Ziest hotels that can be found near the Town Hall. For a more relaxing experience, Zwembad Dijnselburg is a water park built to accommodate a good number of local tourists. Hotels in Ziest are just a stones throw away from the water park so you can enjoy a good swim there anytime. Most of the discount hotels Ziest has to offer can get a reservation for your family in advance. These Ziest cheap hotels and those near the important places in Ziest can be booked online in