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There are three things to remember when you go to Zeeland: sea, land and sky. These comprise the beauty of Zeeland. You can wander the streets of harbor towns such as Veere or go to the Capital of the region, Middelburg. Here, you can see the 12th century Abbey and the town hall as well as the Zeeland Museum. Be sure to read up on Zeeland and Sluis tourism before you decide to go. It may help you to decide whether you want to spend a weekend in Sluis and region. Sluis is also a town. Sluis major attractions concern the Napoleonic Canal. Many tourists come to Sluis to see it and follow its route. Sluis sights also include other water-related and manmade architecture. There is a windmill within the walls of the town. If you want, you can also wander the quay and along the canals. These are all examples of Sluis culture. Things to do in Sluis include visiting the Belfort of the town hall or making a quick trip to Belgium. You can go shopping in Sluis or walk the cobblestone path to the J.H. de van Dale monument.