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The city of Renesse is the city of leisure. This town is known for its beach and inland water facilities. Even though the town is less than 5,000 in total population, the number grows into a considerable size every summer, especially every weekend. Renesse is also a family friendly town, becoming a favorite destination for families. Among the inland facilities, the Deltapark Neeltje Jans is one of the most well known places not only in this region but in the whole country as well. It’s reputed to be one of the best water parts in the country. The Reptielenzoo Iguana offers a very rare experience as the zoo features mostly Iguanas. For more of a historical note, visit the Stormvloedkering. It’s a commemoration of a flash flood that struck the town during the mid 50s. The place is essentially a water barrier to control the surging water.There are so many different types of hotels in Renesse. For accommodations, you can look for a very fancy Renesse hotel or you can go for discount hotels. Renesse has these hotels and depending on where you’re located, your Renesse hotel could be very expensive or could be one of the best Renesse cheap hotels. Go to to find the different types of hotels and their amenities.