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    Veere is a small village in the Netherlands that is about 5 kilometers away from the larger town of Middelburg. Although it is small in size, it has large amounts of appeal for its residents and the millions of tourists that flock there every year. It can be traveled to by bus, but many people find that the bicycle path from Middelburg offers a better way to travel. Cheap hotels in Veere can be found near the marina, which used to be a busy port for trade. Now it is known for the beautiful pleasure boats that sail upon the waters.An interesting museum is within the Scottish House, which is a 15th century building that is located directly on the marina. The town hall is the most impressive building in the small town, and it boasts a 48 bell carillon. Discount hotels in Veere can also be found next to the Grote Kerk (Big Church). The town square is the place to go to see a number of different houses that are complete with incredible gardens. Going to the village of Veere is like taking a step back in time.