Hotels in Waiheke Island

Waiheke Island Details

Waiheke Island is a beautiful destination spot for those that want to enjoy bit of rest and relaxation. Travel to the island is done by mostly by ferry, however visitors can also fly in. It is known for its beautiful beaches. Discount hotels are available in Waiheke Island near many of the beaches including Oneroa Beach and Blackpool Beach. Sunbathing, windsurfing and kayaking are all popular activities on many of the islands beaches. Visitors can also tour the Stony Batter fortifications built during World War II to help protect the island from Japan. Today those fortifications can be seen 7 days a week.Another aspect that makes the island so appealing is the wine. There are a few different vineyards situated on Waiheke, and the climate lends itself perfectly for growing Bordeaux grapes. Cheap hotels on Waiheke Island can be found near the vineyards. There are a number of resort type vacation spots as well. can help you find the perfect travel arrangements for your stay on this exquisite island.