Hotels in Hanmer Springs

    Hanmer Springs Details

    For an alpine spa vacation book one of the discount hotels in Hanmer Springs. Hanmer Springs is a quaint alpine village with many outdoor activities for adventurous travelers. The Thrill Seekers Canyon is an exciting area of bungee jumping, jet skiing, fast boating, river rafting, and quad biking. Thrill Seekers is an exciting hub with year round activities. To outfit you for the great outdoors visit the Hanmer Springs Adventure Center. The store offers all types of active wear and sporting equipment including camping recommends budget hotels in Hanmer Springs for travelers looking to have a unique holiday. The Thermal Pools of Hanmer Springs are famous all over the world. The alpine thermal springs are part of the Hanmer Springs Spa where visitors are pampered during a relaxing day. Near the springs is the Hanmer Horses, a horse farm with horse rides available through the Rogerson Valley and the local forest.