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    Finnmark Fylke Details

    Finnmark Fylke is situated in the most northern and eastern part of Norway. It is dotted with small charming coastal villages and a large summit called Finnmarksvidda. Finnmark Fylke has 19 municipalities within its borders. Famous sights in this region of Norway include the Northern Lights and the Midnight sun.Gamvik is a great place for those who love to watch birds in their natural habitat. Located near the lighthouse at Slettnes are a nature reserve and a bird observatory where visitors can come and watch the indigenous birdlife. Hasvik is famous for the stranded soviet cruiser, the Murmansk, which lies in the waters off of the coast of Sorvaer. This huge vessel was making route to India in 1994 when it ran aground off of the shore. Though there have been numerous attempts at freeing her from her watery hold, all have been unsuccessful. She has become one of the most noted tourist attractions in the area. Interestingly, the municipality of Hammerfest was the first urban settlement in Northern Europe to get electric street lights. There are discount hotels in Finnmark Fylke so dont let the thought of shelling out a lot on accommodations prevent you from visiting this beautiful area of Norway.