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          Bergen was founded in about 1070 and currently has a population of about 225,000. It is currently the second largest city in Norway located on the west coast in the county of Hordaland. Bergen has a rich history and has overcome much historical devastation. Bergen is divided into eight different boroughs, making any of them suitable for the weekend. Bergen is known as the city between the seven mountains. Hotels in Bergen can offer services for any travelers needs. Bergen hotels make it possible to plan a vacation on any budget. The discount hotels Bergen has to offer are easily found using Bergen cheap hotels are an excellent way to stretch a budget to enjoy the more interesting elements of the vacation. Domkirken or Bergen Cathedral is a small stone church built around 1150. It was rebuilt because of fire in 1623 and 1640. The inside of the church contains art work and historical elements from its 900 year history. Hanseatic Museum is located in one of the trade houses at Bryggen. The interiors date back to the 18th and 19th centuries. This is the only building in the area where the old interiors have been preserved. Fisketorget i Bergen is the local fish market located in the center of Bergen. It is world famous for its fish, fruits, and handicrafts and is open all year round.