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        Oslo is within reach of the narrow straits and many islets that comprise Oslofjord. From the region of Oslo, you can go to Sweden or take a trip to Lake Sognsvannet and the Ibsen Museums. Nearby, there are beaches and ski resorts. At Halden, go to the Frederiksten Fortress (1643-5) or take in any of the many holiday spots. Be sure to visit Oslo. Spend a weekend in Oslo or longer. There are many things to see in the region and in the city. Oslo tourism has much to offer its visitors. Major Oslo attractions consist of the neo-Classical Royal Palace and the Botanical Gardens. There is the Slottsparken to wander with the prominent Queen Mauds Statue. Oslo sights include the University complex, the 14th century Castle, Akershus Slott and the yellow brick on a stone base architecture of Stortinget. Things to do in Oslo can range from going to the Munsch Museum an ideal expression of Oslo culture, as are the Norwegian Folk Museum and the Ibsen Museum, and shopping in Oslo along the waterfront.