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        Oslo is located at the head of the Oslo-Fjord. It is known as Norways industrial and political center. Oslos seasons offer travelers with different experiences. The summertime displays about 18 hours of sunlight whereas the winter gives a more intimate and dark atmosphere. The surrounding areas are in close proximity and make excellent side trips for the weekend. Oslo offers a combination of rich cultural activities and natural surroundings. Hotels in Oslo can offer travelers different amenities and services to meet individual needs. Oslo hotels are available for any travelers budget. Oslo cheap hotels can be found effortlessly using The discount hotels Oslo has available allow travelers to stretch their budget. Vigeland Sculpture Park is one of Oslos most famous attractions. The park has over 200 sculptures from tiny to large monuments. The park is especially known for its small naked sculptures of the cycle of life. Viking Ship Museum contains the ships Oseberg, Gokstad, and Tune. The ships were found in the Oslo Fjord and are the best preserved Viking ships in the world. Akershus Fortress is the castle built to protect Oslo. The castles construction started in 1290 and was first used in battle in 1306. The fortress now has two on site museums, the Norwegian Armed Forces museum and the Norwegian Resistance museum.