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            Norway offers tourists the chance to experience some of the most beautiful natural environments that can be found in the world, and the city of Trondheim is a good example of how this country can maintain its reputation for providing that luxury. Located inside Sør-Trøndelag municipality, the city of Trondheim provides vacationers the opportunity to see great Norwegian architecture complete by the hospitable culture the country is famous for. Don't forget that the hotels in Trondheim deliver excellent rooming at affordable prices.Looking around the city of Trondheim will provide you tremendous rewards. Some great sights can be found around the place. For example, there's the Olav Tryggvason in city square, the Old Town Bridge surrounded by lush scenery, and many more interesting sites. Perhaps the most famous structure in the area is Nidaros Cathedral, but the Archbishop's Palace gives it a run for its money. Save your energy for your vacation by booking a Trondheim hotel room with