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      In Troms Fylke, you are truly in the far north of Norway. You must dress up warmly if you want to go hiking in winter at Nordkapp. There are glaciers and cozy inland valleys. You can hike in the valleys or along the rugged coastline. Some travelers come here to visit Tromsø the Paris of the North. It is also called the Gateway to the Arctic. Depending upon when you arrive, you may want to spend a weekend in Tromsø or longer hiking the region around it. One of the most popular of all Tromsø attractions is Polaria. Here, visitors can discover actual information on the polar-regions of the world. Take time to visit the Tromsø Kunstforening (1894), the exhibition hall and the Arctic Ocean Cathedral. This concrete Church s as much an expression of Tromsø culture as the regional museum. Other Tromsø sights and things to do in Tromsø include visits to the Northern Light Planetarium and the Botanical Gardens. For a change, go to the Mack Brewery or go shopping.