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      Tromso is known as the Gateway to the Arctic Norway. It is located in the county of Troms and was originally established in 1838. Tromsø is located about 220 miles north of the Arctic Circle. This gives the city midnight sun and polar night. Tromsø has activities for the traveler for any day of the week or weekend. Tromsø is in the middle of the Aurora Borealis making it one of the best places in the world to view this natural phenomenon. Hotels in Tromsø can offer amenities to suit any travelers needs. Tromsø hotels are available to meet any budget. The discount hotels Tromsø has available can be found with ease using Tromso cheap hotels are an excellent way to stretch the budget and enjoy this unique destination. Tromsø Cathedral is the only Norwegian cathedral built from wood. Its construction was completed in 1861. It is said to be the northernmost protestant cathedral in the world. The Arctic Cathedral is a modern church in Tromsø that was built in 1965. This cathedral is said to be the most famous landmark in Tromsø. Arctic-alpine botanic garden is the worlds most northern botanical garden. The gardens contain plants from all over the northern hemisphere.