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      Vest-Adger Fylke is the Setesdalen region. It is in Southern Norway. The coastal location and climate earn it the name of the Norwegian Riviera. There are fine sandy beaches and white clapboard houses at Mandal. You can hike in the Telemark forests or cycle along the coastal flatlands. If you can, arrange to arrive during the outdoor Quart Festival in Kristiansand, Norways fifth largest community. This will keep you content for a weekend in Kristiansand and introduce you to some of Kristiansand culture. If you visit Kristiansand, you will find one of the major Kristiansand attractions is the old rune stone in the cemetery of Oddernes Kirk. This is one of the oldest churches in Norway. It features a baroque pulpit from the early 1700's. Other Kristiansand sights include the Christiansholm Fortress on the promontory and Neo-Gothic Cathedral with its 50-piped, pipe organ. If you want things to do in Kristiansand , consider looking at the architecture of the Empire-style, 1800s mansion, Gimle Manor. It is now a museum. There is Posebyn, a collection of wooden homes, one of northern Europes largest and Kristiansand Dyrepark with its zoo. Go shopping in Kristiansand become part of an active brand of Kristiansand tourism.