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      Al Batinah Details

      The Al Batinah region in the sultanate of Oman occupies a coastal strip along the Gulf of Oman and it runs from Khatma al Malaha in the north, to Ras al Hamra in Muscat. For many years now the Batinah area has been cultivated and produces a large variety of food crops. The region has a long history of maritime and industrial activities. Due to its many clean and safe beaches, the plethora of archaeological features, tourists find the Batinah an attractive locale for a fun filled holiday.The long list of the noteworthy attractions in the immediate area of Al Batinah makes this region a perfect place to stay at. The budget hotels that can arrange offer high quality accommodations, so check out the great deals on one of the many discount hotels. The Al Batinah region is most famous for its honey, its healing warm springs, the mountains that are pitted with caves such as the Al Sanaqha Cave which has its own subterranean springs. Aja is also dotted with caves and secret passageways through the rocks, where ancient rock art and writing is carved into the walls. Batinah is also well-known for its weekend sports such as horse and camel racing. Gold and silver jewelry is made in the traditional way. The region is also home to some of the most beautiful long, white beaches in the north of the Sultanate and off this peninsula are the Dimaaniyat and Jun Islands, which host many migratory birds and breeding turtles.