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The Gulf of Oman is home to the region of Muscat. Muscat is a metropolitan area that includes walled Muscat and Port Mutrah. Mutrah is the port area. It has latticed structures, a popular souk, 16th century Mutrah Fort, Al-Riyam Park and Kalbuh Bay Park. You can dive, watch dolphins and take boat trips. While in the region, you can visit Muscat, the city, or go to the beach. Beaches include Yitti. There is also a lagoon surrounded by mangroves, Bandar Khayran. Two Muscat sights are the forts: Al-Jalali and Al-Mirami, both from the 16th century. Part of Muscat culture and Omani heritage, they contain museums displaying the French and Omani past. Muscat attractions are the Sultans Armed Forces Museum in the 1845 Royal Summer House with a display of Omans history and the Sultans Palace with its mushroom-like pillars. There is the modern Grand Mosque (2001) and the Natural History Museum of local flora and fauna. If you are looking for other things to do in Muscat, stroll the lavish gardens of the Al-Bustan palace Hotel or go to Jissah Beach with the nearby famous natural rock arch. You can also go shopping in the souq or in the Qurum.