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    Punjab Details

    Punjab is a state in Pakistan and home to more then half the population of Pakistan. Lahore is its provincial and cultural capital; the area is home to many well known historical sites including the ruins of the ancient city of Harappa, the Badshahi Mosque, the Shalimar Gardens and many more. Many important Sikh shrines are in the Pakistani portion of Punjab. There is also the Khewra Salt Mines which is the largest salt mine in Asia.Golf, Cricket, Desert Safari, Trekking, Para-gliding, Biking, are just some of the activities to do in and around this vast region. Art galleries, Museums, Concerts, along with the celebrated Punjabi culture, the royal Punjabi palaces, historic battles, shrines, temples and many examples of Sikh and Hindi Architecture a definite must see when visiting the Punjab area. The smaller country towns of Punjab are also a must see for the person who wants to see the true and the traditional Punjab and its everyday life. The areas discount hotels are centrally located in and around town and offer easy access to all amenities so be sure to let set up budget hotel bookings.