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            Cusco or Cuzco is a region and city in Perus Sacred Valley - the Urumamba Valley. This region is home to several Incan and Pre-Colombian sites. From Cusco, you can go to Machu Pichu. Yet, if you visit Cusco, you are also able to head off to the Inca Baths (Temple of the Waters) or the sacred huaco at Salapunca. Be prepared to stay for more than a weekend in Cuzco. If you have the time, visit Arequipa, the city. Arequipa attractions include the 1579 Convent/Monastery of Saint Catalina made from white sillar stone to the Society Church (1525). Other Arequipa sights are the large, 1648 Franciscan Monastery of the Recoleta and the various museums. Be sure to go to the Museum of the Amazon and the Archaeology Museum of the Catholic University. Wondering what other things to do How about going shopping in Arequipa at the Centro Artisanal Cusco This way, you can take home some of Arequipa culture. Alternatively, you can visit Juanita, the Princess mummy, at Museum Sanctuary of the Catholic University of Santa Maria.