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            Cuzco is known for being one of the most visited tourist hotspots in all of Peru. The history of the city goes back as far as two thousand years ago and the age and beauty of the city is quite evident once you lay your eyes on the streets, buildings, churches and homes of the people that live there. If you're looking for a great place to catch some history of the Incan people and relax for the weekend, Cuzco is just the place. In the city of Cuzco, you'll find architectural wonders like Korikancha, Plaza Huacaypata in the main square, Cuzco's Cathedral and the Church of San Blas just to name a few of them.There are several Cuzco hotels that offer accommodations in town and within walking distance from many of the more popular tourist attractions. There are hotels in Cuzco that are great for people that are traveling on a budget, yet want a bit of comfort and luxury. If you're going to be staying for any amount of time in Cuzco, cheap hotels are going to be as easy to find as discount hotels are abundant. The best way to find accommodations that fit your needs and your budget is to look around on sites like You'll find just what you need to make your vacation in Cuzco comfortable.