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            One of the sights of Cuzco is the Iglesia de San Blas or the San Blas Church. The oldest parish church of Cuzco, built in 1563, is well known for its stunning pulpit. The pulpit of San Blas Church is said to be one of the most beautiful pulpits because of its baroque-style wood carving hewn from a single tree trunk gilded with gold foils that was completed in 1692. The pulpit is dominated by a figure of Jesus Christ. The walls are decorated by paintings about the life of Bishop Saint Blas.Visiting Cuzco attractions is not complete without going to the Iglesia de San Blas. Popular images can be found inside the church, including the two archangels and the sculpted images of four gospel evangelists, Matthew, John, Mark and Luke. There are also sculptures of the churchs patron saint, as well as the churchs doctors like Saint Thomas Aquinas, Saint Jerome, Saint Francis, and Saint Bernard.