Hotels in Machu Picchu Train Station

            Machu Picchu Train Station Details

            Visiting Cuzco attractions can never be complete without riding a train. It is the most common way to travel in this side of the country. The Machu Picchu Train Station is situated at Aquas Caliantes. Usually this station is the main stop for tourists before heading to the mountains of Machu Picchu which is considered to be one of the top sights of Cuzco.It is recommended and advisable to visit the train station during the early hours of the morning. The whole place is covered with morning dew and cool mist perfect for morning strolls or quiet moments. One can sit at the station benches, relax and enjoy the grandeur scenery of the nearby mountain that is surrounding the area.

            Address: Avenida Pardo 540, Cusco, Peru

            Phone: 00 51 84 222722