Hotels in Poroy Train station

            Poroy Train station Details

            One of the things to do in Cuzco is to ride a train. The Poroy Train Station is one of the stopovers made by the train along its way if you are traversing from one Cuzco attraction to another. Each train ride is filled with a memorable journey because of the changing landscapes and breathtaking scenery the region has to offer. Visitors will get stunned by the beautiful scenes unfolding before their eyes from the large windows of the train.Tourists often disembark here after touring some sights of Cuzco and the nearby areas. The town of Poroy is quiet but accommodating to travelers that are often passing by. The train station is a part of a journey that is worth remembering. Although it is just a small train station, it is very warm, elegant and clean. It is really complementing the efficient trains that are considered as a main mode of transportation in the area.