Hotels in Cuzco's Cathedral

            Cuzco's Cathedral Details

            The Cuzcos Cathedral which was built in the year 1654 is one of the sights of Cuzco that should no be missed. The façade of the cathedral dominates the central square in Cuzco. Although the exterior of the cathedral is relatively plain and there are only a few windows to admit light inside, it is still a stunning sight because of its size and its sturdy presence in the central square. Behind the altar of the cathedral are steps that lead to a little black crypt.

            Admiring the 17th century paintings inside Cuzcos Cathedral is one of the fun things to do in Cuzco. The paintings are popular because they depict many elements of Christianity and at the same time, incorporates Andean culture. For example, the painting of the Last Supper shows Jesus and the disciples dine on guinea pig and mugs of chica, a home-brewed beer instead of wine. The interpretation of angels and cherubs inside the cathedral is also distinct because it shows that angels do not necessarily know how to fly.