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            The Salinas de Maras or the Salt Mines of Maras are one of the most fascinating sights of Cuzco. In the town of Maras in Cuzco that can be found in the Sacred Valley of the Incas, a tourist site that has become very popular is the local salt mines carved out of the hillside. The mines are thousands of salt-pools and when light is reflected on these mines, it is such an impressive sight to see and photograph.The Salinas de Maras has become important to Cuzco tourism as people have come to view the thousands of salt pools. During the pre-Inca times, salt was obtained by diverting salt water from the hot spring into the salt pans. When the water evaporates, the salt crystallizes and can be harvested and sold. Visitors who wish to reach the Salinas can hike up to it or they can choose a bumpy car ride to the narrow dirt rode.

            Address: Carreta a Maras, San Isidro G-15, Cusco 00051, Peru