Hotels in Twelve Angles Stone

            Twelve Angles Stone Details

            Visiting Cuzco attractions can never be complete without a trip to the Hatunrumiyoc, the palace of Inca Roca that has walls made out of huge poligonic stones. The wall has the most famous stone called the twelve angle stone, a twelve sided rock that shows how skillful the Inca people were. The stone also became a symbol that appears in every bottle of Cusqueña beer. The twelve-angle stone can be found magnificently fitted into the wall on the right side when one goes past it, coming from the Archbishops Palace.The famous Inca stonework is one of the sights in Cuzco that you will enjoy seeing. The stones are skillfully made in such a way that the stones with different shapes fit perfectly without the use of any concrete, mud, or mortar between them. The stones fit together like a puzzle and they are built so strongly that they are able to withstand earthquakes. Even the Spanish conquerors used the Inca structures as foundations for their buildings.

            Address: Hatunrumiyoc, Cusco, Peru