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    Discount hotels in Urubamba are the best place to stay when visiting the Sacred Valley. The Sacred Valley is the home of the Incas and Urubamba is one of the valley's largest cities. Of interest to visitors are the Seminario Pottery Market and Woodshop. Local artisans display their wares and show how they create their products at the market. The Urubamba Markets are popular with locals and tourists. They offer everything from food to souvenirs.Visitors staying at cheap hotels in Urubamba will want to tour ancient Incan sites. Pisac is the number one site in the region. Now in ruins, Pisac is known for its method of agricultural terracing. Visitors are allowed to see Pisac's ceremonial temples and other buildings at the site. Another Inca ruin is the Huchy Cusco. This site is famous for its Great Incan Hall: the Kallaka. This hall is 40 meters long and more than 2 stories high.