Hotels in Chinatown

        Chinatown Details

        One of the more enjoyable things to do in Lima is to visit the Chinatown, one of the biggest in the whole of South America. It would surprise tourists because there are over 2000 Chinese restaurants in Peru, restaurants which they call chifas. The first 75 Chinese people came to Peru in 1849 and by the next 25 years, almost 100,000 Chinese became attracted to the country. The Chinese worked at haciendas and they helped build railroads. They migrated to large cities, particularly in Lima and that is where they formed a Cantonese community.Chinatown in Lima is a part of the list of Lima attractions. In 1950, the place where restaurants serve delicious Chinese dishes from the Chinese province of Canton, Sichuan and Peking is called Chinatown. Visitors of Lima who would want a taste of authentic oriental food would definitely enjoy Chinatown. Three temples are found in this place and these are the temples of Ku Kun Chaou, Pun Yi and Y Chin.

        Address: Calle Paruro, Lima, Peru