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          An exotic Amazon jungle experience awaits you at Loreto in Peru, the largest of the countrys regions and the most sparsely populated. There is one compelling reason to visit Loreto and that is the incredible Amazon Jungle. has cheap hotels in Loreto for an unbelievable jungle experience.The capital of the region is Iquitos, which attracts thousands of tourists to the eco-lodges nearby. A spectacular tourist attraction near Iquitos is the Butterfly Farm, which as well as loads of species of exotic butterflies has a small zoo. The Alpahuayo-Mishan Reserve south of Iquitos has the largest concentration of white sand jungle in Peru. This region has some of the highest bio-diversity within the Amazon and you can see thousands of species of birds and primates as well as some endangered and endemic animals. Lake Quistococha is a stunning lake outside of Iquitos that is surrounded by lush jungle.At the beach side suburb of Bellavista there is a sandy beach that is safe for swimming and where boats can be hired. In Iquitos itself the Casa de Fierro is a building that was designed by Eiffel in 1889 for the Paris exhibition ad was transported to Iquitos by a wealthy rubber baron. While you are in Loreto, be sure to sample the local culinary specialty Juanes, which are similar to tamales with rice and chicken and wrapped in a banana leaf.