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              Puno is a province in Southeastern Peru. The capital and largest city of the Puno region is also called Puno. It is located on the Peruvian Altiplano and on the edges of the world’s highest navigable lake. Lake Titicaca is about 12,400ft/3850m above sea level. This agricultural area of Peru is one of the major grazing regions for the Llama and Alpacas. Wool is an important export item of this area. This also includes the knitting and textile arts that have been practiced for thousands of years by both the men and women equally on the island of Taquile, in the middle of Lake Titicaca.The area's discount hotels are centrally located in and around the Puno region which is a popular tourism and traveler's destination. The most obvious reason being the fact that it's located on the shore of the world famous and fascinating Lake Titicaca. Let set up budget-wise hotel bookings that can offer easy access to lots of touring and sightseeing options. These sightseeing highlights should include visits to the Sistine Chapel of the Americas, the Church of San Pedro, Titicaca boats museum. A must see are the 40 or so floating reed islands on Lake Titicaca. These man-made islands of the Uros people that have lived, maintained and depended for survival on these unique Peruvian islands have a fascinating history and story behind them. There is so much more to see and experience in the Puno region of Peru, definitely a memorable vacation spot.