Hotels in Urubamba Valley

            Urubamba Valley Details

            Known as the Sacred Valley, the Urumamba Valley in Peru is home to many ancient Incan and Pre-Colombian ruins. This is what frequently attracts visitors to stay in Urumamba Valley hotels. They leave their hotels in the Urumamba Valley to visit the Temple and Amphitheater of Qengo with its immense hollowed out rock that is home to an altar. They go to the Inca Fortress and follow the old Inca trails to Cuzco, the ancient Inca capital. Many, on a limited budget, stay in Urumamba Valley cheap hotels to afford the trip; others prefer discount hotels. The Urumamba Valley is, after all, a mecca for all things Incan.You cannot spend only a weekend. The Urumamba Valley requires and deserves more time for a thorough exploration. Visit the ruined ceremonial center on a hill in the outskirts of Cusco. Visit the Spring Shrine of Tambo Machay with its underground or hidden spring. Admire the Inca stonework incorporated into the structures of Cuzco. You see it in the streets and in the walls. Find out more by visiting the Museum of Pre-Columbian Art in the city.