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    Trujillo is located in the La Libertad department of Peru, and is the capital. It is a walled city, and has been ever since the 1600s. Today, the center of Trujillo is considered quite historic. The colonial architecture, old churches and convents, Main Square and the lovely old classic homes speak of a time when luxury was taken for granted. There are many archeological monuments both in and around Trujillo, and you will want to take the time to locate and visit each of them. Chan Chans citadel, the Huaca del Sol y de la Luna, the Huaca del Dragon, and the El Brujo complex are all fascinating, and will give you a good idea of what it was like to live during the Colonial era. Budget hotels in Trujillo are classically decorated, and have the amenities one would expect from a hotel whose rooms were much more expensive.You will also want to visit the wonderful archaeological museum, located at the National University of Trujillo. Casa Ganoza Chopitea and Casa Orbegoso are just two of several historic homes that are tourist attractions. If you enjoy water sports, you will want to spend a morning or an afternoon at Chicama Beach, where surfing is hugely popular. Cheap hotels in Trujillo carry that label in name only. They are a fine example of elegant accommodations at their finest. features extensive listings of quality hotels at prices that will astound you.