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        If you happen to be a lover of art of history then the city of Wroclaw in Poland is a great place for you to go on your next trip to Europe. Located in this lovely city of Wroclaw is one of the oldest paintings in all of Poland. The painting is called Panorama Raclawicka. The painting is a panoramic painting of a battle and a very unique and interesting work.The Panorama Raclawicka or as it is also known in English the Raclawice Panorama, is a painting of the Battle of Raclawice. The painting is very realistic due to all of the special techniques used in the painting and the lighting of the painting. This very lovely old painting is one of the nicest in the city and is a definite spot to stop in when you are next in the city. The city of Wroclaw has many other lovely attractions to see while you are there so be certain to explore.

        Address: Jana Ewangelisty Purkyniego 11, 50-155 Wrocaw, Poland

        Phone: +48 71 344 16 61