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    Łódź is the second largest city of Poland and is about 75 mi/120 km southwest of Warsaw. This large industrial city is now undergoing revitalization on many of its older buildings, the fancy homes of the textile-mill magnates of yesteryear, are being restored into new business and residential complexes. The city is metamorphosing into a modern cultural metropolis. However, the city still has strong ties to its past; the factory of the city’s famous owner Oscar Schindler, whose story was told in Schindler's List is located in Łódź.Staying at a budget hotel set up by in the center of this busy city ensures that the discerning traveler will find reasonably priced hotel reservations with all the comforts of home. Europe’s longest pedestrian street, rates as one of Poland’s most famous party streets in a well developed region and has it all, the old and the modern. History and some of the country's finest after-dark venues – can all be found here in the city of Łódź, Poland’s youngest metropolis. For the movie buffs the city’s famous film school (one of Europe’s best) offers presentations of shorts to full length features at selected cinemas throughout the city.